Monday, August 29, 2016

Eddyville Summer of 2016 - Creativity Abounds

Eddyville Summer of 2016 -
Yes, it's been quite a while since my last update.
I took most of 2016 off to regroup, meaning, no vendor shows or classes.

I needed to set aside some time to work on other projects and new ideas.

Starting last summer, I've been playing with a 7-stand braiding technique, aka the "Fill the Gap" technique. It is similar to Kumihimo in that cording, or in my case, cording AND wire, is braided using a foam disk. I have found this 7-stand braiding technique easy and very creative.

Kudos to my friend Barbara Rutherford for sharing the technique with me.

Spiral Nova

I recently shared my ideas and kit projects on JTV's Jewel School and the response was overwhelming. All of the new kits sold out before the end of the show.

The Spiral Nova project kit is made with polyester cording. What's NEW and DIFFERENT is that I made a 7-braid stand-alone pendant that goes with the necklace and bracelet.

I also did something a little different with 7-stand braiding and used wire to create individual Wired Bead Clusters (beaded beads). I have not seen anything like this before.

Wired Bead Clusters

I also developed another use for the Lazee Daizee Viking Knit tool using 1mm leather cord instead of wire. It's easier to learn and faster than the wire process. Leather can be used with both the 1/4" and 1/2" LD tools. No draw plate needed.

I expect I will have kits available for the above projects soon. If this may be of interest to you, send me an email and I will let you know when kits are ready for both the 7-stand braid and Viking Knit with leather. Email:

There are also 2 new videos related to the above techniques. You can access them from my website or on YouTube:

VK Leather 

7-Strand Braiding

Thanks for tuning in. Stephanie

Friday, February 12, 2016

"Art Heart" Free Pattern - My Valentine to You

Greetings from Alive at Eddyville & Happy Pre-Valentine's Day, 

I recently spent a week in Arizona with my good friend, Barbara Rutherford. We pampered ourselves with good food, drink, and several field trips, including the fabulous SAS fabric store, IKEA (my first time!), Queen Creek Olive Mill and a short jaunt to Tucson to explore various Bead and Gem Shows - but mostly to catch up with friends. 

I have always loved bugle beads. In between excursions, we also found some time to bead creative. When I came up with a really simple, fast and fun Art Heart - I thought I would share it as my Valentine gift to you. 

These ladder stitch Art Hearts take 30-60 minutes to make, depending on your skill level. You can make it with, or without, the picot edging. It may be a little late to make any for this Valentine's Day, but you can always get a jump start on next year. 

The Art Heart pattern can be downloaded from my website, just click the photo or type in

I thought it would be fun to add an Art Heart to a bead embroidery project. It's been some time since I last beaded and it took quite a few trials, errors and cussing to get it finished - but I persevered and managed to make a pin.  

I'm anxious to see what you can make with the "Art Heart" pattern. Please post your creations here on my blog and/or the Alive at Eddyville Facebook page,

Be sure to subscribe to my blog for updates and stay tuned to "Alive at Eddyville" for more fun videos and 
free instructions...

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Coming soon - My Valentine Project 2016

Greetings from Eddyville -

The 22nd annual Valentine for Aids silent art auction is coming up soon, sponsored by the Flying M coffee shop in Boise. The auction benefits SNAP (Safety Net for AIDS), a program that provides assistance for housing, utilities, groceries and medical insurance to clients living with HIV/AIDS. Last year the event raised more than $24,000. For more info

About 250 local artists are expected to donate to the auction. I have participated throughout the years whenever possible...and this is one of those years.

And here are some of the items and inspiration I will be using for my project this year. Yep, turning this thrift store boot, wire, beads and tattoos into a work of art will take quite a bit of creativity.

I plan to document my progress and film an "Alive at Eddyville" video on how the project was constructed and some of the techniques I used.

Here are several of the items I have donated in past years.

"Purple Heart"
"Love Lite"
"Unchain My Heart"

The deadline to submit the project is Jan. 31 so I'd better get busy.

Stay tuned...

Monday, January 4, 2016

The Great Eddyville Experiment 2016

 Greetings fellow Artisans,

 Welcome to 2016, my first blog and the launch of The Great Eddyville Experiment. 

I'm greatly reducing my show and teaching schedule for 2016. I need more leisure time to be creative in and out of the studio. 
  In lieu of travel, I've decided to develop a new video web series, "Alive at Eddyville"- Arts and Creative Endeavors with Stephanie Eddy. 

  This will allow me to continue my journey to connect and collaborate with other artists. It will be a fun place for everyone to find new ideas, along with some old and different techniques for creating art in a variety of mediums.

  While I am recognized for my bead and wire jewelry designs, and the invention of the Lazee Daizee tools for Viking Knit, I also have another 40+ years of knowledge and experience in related and unrelated fields, including glass fusing, casting, glass blowing and stained glass; metal sculpture; epoxy, pottery and Raku clays; enamels; basket and pine needle weaving; knitting and crocheting; clothing design; silk painting and screen printing; fresh and dried floral arranging; fibers and weaving; mold casting; carpentry; welding; sign and banner displays; and concrete lawn art, to name a few.

Happy Mike's Galley
My little helper, Sunni
 There will be a few segments featuring my husband, aka "Happy Mike", who is a master fisherman and my favorite chef. We will prepare some of our favorite meals and recipes to share with you.
  There will be field trips to visit other local and not-so-local artists, places of interest and a some Sunni cat videos. 

Part of the "Purge" Pile
I'm also planning special events called,
"The Purge". This idea came to me last summer when I was attempting to clear out a packed studio space over our three-car garage. This area holds MANY boxes of treasures, from my personal stashes of old and new artist materials, to those handed down from my mother and great-grandmother. I'll pick a box or two, open the contents and see what creative projects I can come up with - it's all gotta go somewhere else.
  My goal is to make these videos informative and entertaining and I expect to release a new video each month, perhaps more often. I now have a video studio over the garage, so I'll just see how it goes. 
  The majority of these videos will be free, with an occasional specialty project for sale. But what's the point in making any videos if no one is interested? I will need your support and freeback to continue. 
  So, please like and follow my Facebook page, Lazee Daizee page, signup here to follow my blog, pin me on Pinterest, subscribe to my Youtube Channel for videos, and share this information with anyone you think might be interested.

  Also, on my website,, there is a monthly drawing and prize for filling out a questionnaire to let me know how I'm doing, what you think and what you would like to see next on video. 

  Here's to the Great EddyVille Experiment for 2016. I hope you will all join me at Alive at Eddyville. Stephanie Eddy